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29 Pioneering Ideas for Network State Startups: Innovating Governance and Beyond

The concept of network state startups presents a transformative vision for governance and societal structures. In the dynamic landscape of modern governance, traditional nation states and subdivisions often lack competitive innovation due to their monopolistic and non-profit nature. This article presents 30 groundbreaking startup ideas, which could potentially revolutionize the way we think about governance, community, and societal organization.

Governance and Nation States Now

  1. Refugee Cities: Situated in high migration areas, offering low barriers to entry.
  2. Ex-Post Immigration Process: Simplifying the admission and eviction processes.
  3. Floating Cities: Awaiting advancements in materials and energy technology.
  4. Energy Innovation Zones: Advocated by Maxwell Tabarrok, aligning with current political movements.
  5. Visa Fast-Track: Government partnerships with companies for rapid visa processing.
  6. Futarchy City: Governance based on conditional betting, as proposed by Robin Hanson.
  7. Mushroomland: Safe zones for psychedelic treatments.
  8. Criminal Law Innovation: Exploring new approaches to criminal justice.


  1. Medical Innovations: Addressing the gap in drug development due to overregulation.
  2. Healthcare + Life Insurance: Integrating services for better health outcomes.
  3. Reproductive Technologies: In areas where they are currently restricted.
  4. Organ Markets: Facilitating legal and ethical organ trade.
  5. Human Challenge Trials: Ethical experimentation on volunteers.
  6. Accredited Ingestor: Enhancing informed consent in medical decisions.
  7. Longevity Dividend Fund: Investing in future treatments.


  1. MBC Programs: Focusing on business creation rather than administration.
  2. Talent Agencies: Sourcing global talent for startup societies.
  3. Research Clusters: Independent, prestigious research institutions.


  1. Dominant Assurance Contracts: Encouraging investment in new zones.
  2. B2B Securities Marketplace: Avoiding SEC regulations in new jurisdictions.
  3. Relocation Insurance: Funding and facilitating safe relocation during threats.
  4. Legal Wrappers: Facilitating transactions between different jurisdictions.
  5. Crowdfunded Public Goods: Community-driven funding for public infrastructure.
  6. Decentralized Property Registry: Replacing traditional government registries with blockchain technology.


  1. Tokenized Power Contracts: Creating an open market for energy contracts.
  2. Nuclear Fission Innovation: Reducing costs and regulations in energy production.


  1. Network State Airlift: Developing exclusive travel routes for network state citizens.
  2. Jet Packs: Pioneering safe and efficient personal air transportation.
  3. Space Stations: Overcoming legal and logistical challenges in the space industry.

This compilation of startup ideas reflects a bold vision for the future, where technological advancements and innovative legal frameworks pave the way for more efficient, equitable, and sustainable societies. These concepts, though ambitious, represent the potential for significant advancements in various fields, from governance and healthcare to education and energy. As the world grapples with evolving challenges, these ideas offer a glimpse into a future where innovation reigns supreme, and human ingenuity finds new ways to thrive in an interconnected global landscape.